The Bodega Marañones, located in Pelayos de la Presa, was created and developed from a special starting point in terms of understanding winemaking, placing a great importance on nature and the land in the creation of the wines, due to the relationship between two people: Fernando García Alonso, the winery’s oenologist and J. Fernando Cornejo, its owner. Both share standards on which their foundations are built, such as their exacting care for the grapes; the respect and attention given to the soil; the painstaking way in which viticultural tasks are carried out; their professional attitude and dedication; and the honesty in everything that they do.


Main types of grapes: Garnacha, Albillo Real.
Vineyard: 100% of the vineyard is own
Wines: Whites: Picarana, Piesdescalzos. Reds: Treintamil maravedíes, Labros, Peñacaballera, Marañones.


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Visit schedule: anytime with appointment.
Address: Avda. Marcial Llorente, 69 - Naves B y C. - 28696 Pelayos de la Presa (Madrid)
GPS Coordinates: 40º 21’ 26.64’’ N – 4º 20’ 33,22’’ W


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Winery type: modern.
Surroundings: rural landscape
Special Interest: ecological vineyards, Coracera Castle, Cistercian abbey.
External activities: yes.